About us

We at WAG Foundation, help bridge a helping hand between your willingness and the underprivileged. Our prime endeavor is to connect the world at global level. Remember, your little contribution can bring smile to millions of faces across the sphere. We simply want your willingness, and leave rest to us

Way back in 2007, I was driven by a basic contemplation; the heavenly earth should be a blend of generosity and integrity wherein, we all should get connected to each other and help the needy people. Ranging from monetary contribution to donation of goods, clothes, foods or any other belongings, a helping hand can thus be of various forms. Words Are God (WAG) Foundation is an upshot of that contemplation.
If we consider the profusion of available resources in account across the sphere, no one should remained underprivileged on the earth. Be it anywhere in the world, we people should step forward in the help of mankind so that their issues are addressed in no time through proper channelization of our resources.

When we talk about resources, Internet and digital communications are the two buzz words we have today. And there is no denying of the fact that percentage of people accessing to the Internet have grown leap and bounds. Therefore, with proper utilization of such state of the art facilities, getting virtually and physically connected with each other from any part of the world have become seamless today. Then why don’t you take advantage of this technological infrastructure and join hands in the pursuit of helping people just by contacting us or filling up a small form mentioning the details, and we will reach out to you to get your endeavor reach the right people



WITH A VISION – To establish a planet of mankind enclosed with a blend of conscious living and generosity where, the amenities of needy souls are identified, prioritized and addressed



AND ON A MISSION – To ignite the inner accountability and willingness in mankind to awake, rediscover their potentials and stand collective for the benefits of deprived across the sphere