If you willingly wish to get connected with us for this generous cause, and believe that your little endeavour can bring smile to many dismal faces around, feel free to pick any of the following ways to contribute:

There may be bunches of ways to get connected with people around the globe, but the only medium that can bridge the gap between the deprived and their needs is, willingness to lend a hand. At WAG Foundation, we invite you to enrich your helping hands and contribute towards the betterment of mankind who deserves a blend of peace and sameness for their survival on this earth.



1. Monetary: Pecuniary assistance can literally do charisma in the lives of people who are in desperate need of it. Keeping the unstable economic infrastructure of many global regions in account, we encourage people to join hands to help the needy. Please be informed that the amount of contribution is solely at the discretion of your willingness and potential. The mode of payments can be online/cheque/cash/DD.

 • For absolutely secured online payment click here,

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• For cheque payment: 


    Account Number : 4108 135 00000 9754

    Bank Name : Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.

    Branch: Ramesh Nagar

    IFSC Code : KVBL0004108


 • For cash/DD: in name of “WORDS ARE GOD FOUNDATION”
 Note: Against every financial contribution, you will receive proper receipt from the WAG Foundation.



2. The WAG Volunteer: At WAG Foundation, we bring you this opportunity to volunteer with us and step forward to make this gracious endeavour more impactful by involving your integrated network with us. Here’s how you can volunteer with us:


Channelization: – Proper channelization plays a pivotal role for every constructive approach. If you are a part of any supportive influencer, get us connected to that for enhanced and entrusted support cycle. There are many such neglected issues all over the world, which get deprived due to improper instinctual impulses. Your volunteer effort can take our dogma to the right people at the right time. You can also join us as a volunteer.


Identify the issues: – If you are unable to get associated with us directly for any reason, nothing to worry. You can still do it simply by sharing your thoughts and valuable inputs with us. Do identify the critical issues in your country/locality, share relevant imageries and case studies with us that help us to understand the scenarios better from a global context.


Addressing the global issue: – Issues identified serve no purpose unless/otherwise addressed accordingly. So, share us your suggestions that can help addressing the issues in your territory. Spread our ideology to the people you know for the benefit of mankind.

3. Following/Sharing: You can get connected to us simply by following our awareness campaigns and social media activities, and share them with your network for an extended visibility. This will help us to speared our ideology across the globe and unite more people to step forward their helping hand to support the people in need of education /cloths or any other essential prerequisites for their survival.

4. Non-monetary: Contribution not necessarily confined to monetary support. At times, even physical presence of an individual may not be required to support an underprivileged. Here’s how your non-monetary contribution can help and befit the needy:

  • Donation of clothes: – Most often, people are observed wasting their food or giving away their unused cloths to the hawkers. But how many of us actually think of utilising these unused things through proper channelization? Perhaps, a few! WAG Foundation takes this opportunity to encourage you in donating your unused clothes to the people who need this more than anyone else. To donate your clothes or another belongings, simply give us a call on….and our volunteer nearby your location will collect the same from you. Additionally, you can also reach out to our center in person and contribute accordingly.
  • Donation of books: – In rural areas, a lot of merits get shattered because of financial crisis or inadequate infrastructural support. One such challenging factor in many parts of the world is education. We at WAG Foundation; bring you a constructive opportunity to help the deprived and needy by donating your old books, which can ignite little hope of educational support in their lives. Besides, any kind of assistance by donating copies/pencils/pen or any other stationery items is evenly appreciated. To take part in this contribution, give us a call on….
  • Other Donations

5. Services (awareness/spread ideology): No contribution for the benefit of mankind is undervalued. What matters the most is your heartfelt eagerness to contribute and help. Words of mouth travel faster in all discipline. We appreciate your active participation in spreading our ideology of conscious living through proper channel so that our approach and intent reaches the right audience at global platforms. You can simply do this by sitting at your home/office and sharing our work in social media platforms.