Words Are God Volunteers

Own way of contributions- Words Are God Volunteers

WAG Volunteers sharing their pics with us for their small contributions of regular nature.

We have often heard people saying that they have the willingness and the funds as well, but the time is short to do anything. People are willing to Donate also but are bit reluctant to do so as they are not comfortable with the transparency of NGO’s. We would say that let you do your part of Karma , let the NGO do their part, who are we to judge,  in the end everyone carry their own Karma’s. 

No Matter how busy you are, still you can carry at-least something to give away on daily basis with you, like Food packets, toys, books, clothes etc. Don’t judge the Donee of what he will do, just do your part.

Above are the 2 best images found out of hundreds of images got shared with us from our Vounteers contributions on their way to office or home.

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